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How to Survive a Festival in the Rain with Kids – Essential Packing List

Having just returned from a weekend festival in torrential rain I thought I’d put together a little list of essential items that helped us not only survive but also to stay relatively dry.

Lots of plastic bags for wet clothes.

Newspaper to stuff inside wet shoes to help them dry quicker.

These buckets with a toilet seat are a festival/camping must have that will save you from having to venture out in the night to find the loo!

A good rain coat like this one: Try to keep your hair dry at all costs, trying to sleep in a tent with wet hair is horrible. An umbrella can be good but if it’s windy they can often become more trouble that they’re worth.

Wellies that are a size too big – you really don’t want to be wrestling to get them off in the pouring rain.

Extra pairs of socks because theres nothing worse than wet socks.

An extra bucket to put your wellies in upside down over night.

Door mat/tarpaulin placed near the entrance of your tent to take your shoes off on.

Kids all in one waterproofs are great for all ages. Keep them dry and means that if they fall over their clothes should stay dry and clean. Leo has this one and it’s served us well for a good couple of years.

A big enough tent – don’t underestimate your need for comfort and space. A four man tent realistically only fits two people when you consider your bags etc.Β A pop up tent or an air tent like this are great if you know the weather is going to be bad when you arrive and set up.

A sense of humour! The British way is to carry on regardless and thats what you must do. Dance to keep warm and stay out of any mud sliding competitions… the showers are often hideous… and cold.

If all else fails…. buy a caravan.

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16 thoughts on “How to Survive a Festival in the Rain with Kids – Essential Packing List

  1. Toilet seat buckets seem awesome for camping even for people without kids. And yes, does not feel good being wet inside a tent. Humor also keeps the spirits high in any life situation πŸ’•

  2. Haha, I agree that a sense of humor is key in any camping situation! I admire those who camp with children, I’m not sure I’d have the guts to do it!

  3. This is all such good advice! I never even considered what to do at a festival if it rains and I’m totally not into the idea of a bucket with a toilet seat on it LOL but the extra large tent is such a great tip! You really can’t ever have “too much space”, especially when its raining!!

    1. I feel ya but trust me it’s better than venturing out in torrential rain and then having to come back soaking wet and get back into “bed”. Camping is nothing if not “out of ones comfort zone!” Lol. x

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